"Lost and Found"

(Self-Released 2010)Fools - Lost and Found

Okay let's get the stereotypes out of the way. The Fools are a two piece singer-songwriter combo from Brooklyn, New York. That sentence alone could make many queasy, but I encourage you to reach for the Pepto, settle your stomach, and give their album "Lost and Found" your utmost attention.

Jen Tobin and Uchenna Bright are The Fools. Bright on bass and Tobin with vocals/guitar, are pretty straightforward. Aside from a few cheesy sound effects, the album is short, sincere indie folk. Musically there is not much here you haven't heard before, folk arrangements, light airy melodies, and bittersweet lyrics. The black sheep is Tobin's voice. An Eddie Vedder growl with a soulful swooning like aftertaste, her voice is as alarming as it is accessible. Often times I've found myself waking up and falling asleep to her sing about innocence and heartbreak within the same day.

"Lost and Found" is a naiver, lo-fi Brandi Carlile. Tobin's voice isn't necessarily similar but both have a hypnotizing quality, making their words genuine and candid. "The Dream" is a perfect example. A cold but comfortable melody, accented by a haunting xylophone. Don't be surprised if you find yourself stranded at sea along with the narrator.

Aside from the bluesy soul of "A Good Day," The Fools are sit-back-and-float folk. They are and should be synonymous with dimly lit dive bars and open mic nights...for now. But trust me, Tobin and Bright will not be playing for drink tickets and free java much longer.