Foreign Born
"On the Wing Now"

(Dim Mak Records 2007)Foreign Born - On the Wing Now

Reading the biography for Foreign Born, you would think that founding members Lewis Pesacov and Matt Popieluch simply fell into good luck. After playing some shows and recording some proper demos, the duo, then fresh out of college, quit their jobs and filled out the rest of their roster. A few years later -- you can use your imagination to fill in those years with the inevitable sweat and toil of a band on the edge of breaking -- Foreign Born are releasing their debut album, "On the Wing Now," and touring with the likes of indie favorites We Are Scientists, Giant Drag and the Cold War Kids.

With their debut full-length, Foreign Born proudly shows off just why exactly they have jumped to the front of the musical line. Dreamy melodies and buzzing instrumentation walk the line as the jingling bells on "Don't Take Back Your Time" add a loose sound while meanwhile Popieluch's vocals will not be rushed as they waltz over the quick instrumentation of "Trail Wall." On "Into Your Dream," led by a tight and catchy guitar riff, the band shows that they have the chops for radio. Resonating guitars take an artsy spin over quietly thumping bass on "In The Shape" while on "Union Hall" Foreign Born balance the stomping, hand clapping rhythm with a full, rolling melody.

If nothing else, Foreign Born makes their debut full-length release one packed full of vibrant music. Lush, full instrumentation creates a multidimensional soundscape on "On the Wing Now" while also offering some variety while remaining a cohesive collection of songs. Foreign Born may keep things light, but they are always sure to let you know they are still there with slight curve balls on "On the Wing Now."


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