Forget Cassettes

(Theory 8 Records 2006)Forget Cassettes - Salt

If you are expecting Forget Cassettes to play passively in the background, boy, do you have another thing coming. The band's album "Salt" is an outspoken indie rock ride that hints at influences like Sonic Youth and Fugazi. A loosely structured album, Forget Cassettes does what they do best without the listener ever feeling like anything is forced upon them.

"Salt" is clearly well planned as the dynamics and energy of the songs wildly fly up and down, but only a handful of times do Forget Cassettes play at full volume, buzzing through your speakers. It is this effect and choice that makes the songs, like "Venis On," with its soft beginning before spiraling into screaming, that makes you look up and take notice. Keeping their hand close to their chest, the band slowly builds up on "My Maraschino" from a reserved quiet to a pounding, confident melody that pulls you along for the ride.

The voice of Forget Cassettes' Beth Cameron, the brains behind the band, adds just as much as the instrumentation. Her rich voice, full of emotion, molds itself to fit each song, nearly wheezing as she quickly inhales during her rapid delivery on the squealing guitar rock of "The Catch" while even her screaming pleas on "Quiero, Quires" sounds musical. Elsewhere, on "Patience, Beth Reprise," Cameron seems to reveal something intimate to the listener.

For Forget Cassettes, "Salt" is not merely just a seasoning. Instead "Salt" is a complex balance between loud and soft, slow and fast, and emotional and reserved. Strong, clear songs dominate Forget Cassettes' dynamic album as they keep strictly to their unofficial reoccurring theme. A memorable album, Forget Cassettes offers a full impact listening experience with "Salt."


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