Free Blood
"January 11, 2009"

Free Blood - January 11, 2009

Chop Suey, Seattle, WA

There wasn't much of crowd gathered at Chop Suey that Sunday night: understandable given the shootings that had occurred at the venue only the week before. People slowly filtered in during the hours of too long, opening DJ sets, and a small group formed. It's a shame more people hadn't made it out to see the final show of Free Blood's first West Coast tour. The band put on a great live show.

It wasn't until around midnight that the Brooklyn duo finally took the stage. It seems John Pugh and Madeline Davy have given up on drum machines. Instead real instruments and an additional two band members accompanied them. They also toned it down quite a bit and started off the set on a much slower note than one would expect after listening to their album "Singles."

Had Free Blood given up on dance music and gone soft? Nahhh... After a more mellow opening, the band switched it up and went heavy on the dance songs: "Royal Family" to "Grumpy" to "Parangatang." "Royal Family" sounded even better performed live and "Grumpy" was especially energetic; hitting a frenzied, distortion heavy peak with the band writhing around on stage. The band played several unreleased songs. Slower songs gave the group more depth.

If you're given the opportunity to see this band live, do it. Free Blood has incredible stage presence that just doesn't translate to CD. Davy has a fantastic voice. Pugh is funny and a great live performer. Together they have incredible chemistry.

My only real complaint with the show is that it was too damn short. The band played under ten songs in total. The back up band could have also used a bit of work. Overall, it was a solid performance.