frigiD touch
"Hello World"

(Self-Released 2009)frigiD touch - Hello World

Cleveland electro-rocker Christopher Foldi is the mind and fingertips behind frigiD touch's debut album "Hello World." I say fingertips because the album was created on a Mac Powerbook and mind because well...I'm too darn polite. Foldi, who was a member of electro-rock band State of Being, wrote and recorded the album after a friend suggested he take on the National Solo Album Month challenge. Yes, this challenge is real and, yes, Foldi was bold enough to accept it.

"Hello World" is comprised of 11 tracks of entirely way too much...well, stuff. It is impressive how many noises, echoes, and blips Foldi was able to pull from those synth plug-ins, but the album comes off as a hyperactive child's attempt at figuring out his latest new toy. The majority of the tracks are the victim of this feverish desire to ram as many sound effects into one 3 minute song. Tracks like "Bumble" and "Turnaround" are nothing but a jumble of whiny synths, echoed drips, and sterile vocals.

Even the high points of the album are ruined midway through. "Mumble" starts as an excellent up tempo blend of Super Mario Bros. and Knight Rider, backed by simple high hats and hand claps. Until the chef decides that the recipe calls for a teaspoon of twinkles, echoes, and unnecessary globs of gooey distortions. Sadly the same treatment is given to "Memory" and "Make Some Time," two potentially good techno/club tracks.

Honestly I thought this album was doomed as soon as I read that it had to be completed within a month. It's hard to put time constraints on any form of art. Which I guess is why the "sophomore slump" still looms over every artist who releases a successful debut album. Unfortunately for frigiD touch, he hit that slump a bit prematurely.


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