Full Service

(Mashup Records 2006)Full Service - Recess

The fourth album from Full Service, "Recess," is like one of those jawbreaker candies. You know the ones where the oversized candy sphere is made up of a collection of different colored and flavored layers. Each track that Full Service delivers has its own distinct flavor and sound. With the tunes being easily separated as reggae or rock, listeners are in store for gentle yet choppy melodies and edgy, driven guitar riffs. When layered together, the seemingly odd mish mash of sounds seems to work.

Big rock riffs are pounded out memorable tracks like "Your Emo Band," where Full Service makes nice with their more successful musical peers, and the chugging "Undertow." The light "Ramona" breezes by with a soft melody while the loose rhythm of "Alpine" evokes Island images. Elsewhere on the album, Full Service match quiet verses with harder choruses, such as on "Maybe It's Just You" and "Clock Ticks," for a combination more rock than reggae. Just for a bit of extra flavor, Full Service throws in a track that is nothing more than a short steel drum solo.

Listening to "Recess," it is easy to segregate the songs and find preference with just the reggae inspired tracks or just the rock ones. To say that Full Service is stronger on the rock or the reggae would be unfair, as the band seem to deliver both genres with an equal ability. What it comes down to is the fact that Full Service put the kind of heart and feeling into all their songs, a trait that reminds of the original goal of both reggae and rock.


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