"Aim and Ignite"

(Nettwerk Records 2009)fun. - Aim and Ignite

Clearly Nate Ruess, the singer and songwriter for the now defunct The Format, is not hard-pressed for words. Ruess’s lyrics for his new band, fun., are seemingly never-ending. For fun. – the band as well as his own personal enjoyment, I'm sure – Ruess is joined by Andrew Dost (ex-Anathallo) and Steel Train frontman Jack Antonoff. And if that isn’t enough indie pop cred for you, the band enlisted Redd Kross’ Steven McDonald as producer for their debut album “Aim and Ignite” and, on all by two tracks, bass player.

But getting back to Ruess’ words…he doesn’t merely just sing. Ruess delivers and delivers with flair. Likewise, the instrumentation matches Ruess’ dramatics for a sound of whimsy, theater and a fair share of soul. fun. borrow vocal harmonies from the Queen school of rock on the upbeat and bouncing “All The Pretty Girls” while “At Least I’m Not As Sad (As I Used To Be)” uses Sly & The Family Stone’s “Everyday People” melody as the initial spark before adding their own spin and some attitude for the real fire.

“Aim and Ignite” plays like a mini opera – a mini, toe-tapping, sway-along opera that jumps around from one sound to another without losing too much in the transfer. Similarly, fun. don’t lose the voices of its trio as they construct this theatrical soundtrack.


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