"Reject On Impact"

(Self-Released 2006)F-Units - Reject On Impact

On their debut full-length release, New York City's F-Units are a clear reflection of their modern punk influences. From Green Day to The Living End, F-Units have put their own personal stamp on the sounds of chunky, thrashing guitars, strong melodic vocals and bouncy rock. Putting it all together, the F-Units are just rough enough to be considered a contemporary punk rock band.

Upbeat rock carries listeners away on "Still Want You" with a clean, crisp sound while "Fat Lip" bounds by with a familiar and comfortably rough edge. Quick pounding rock sends "Dying To Forget" and the horn accented quickie "Hypocrite" into a mosh pit-like frenzy. With a hint of a Johnny Rotten-like sneer, "Solitude" is a straight forward rock track with attitude. On "Nowhere Fast," the F-Units go for a darker sound as guitars grind and vocalist Scotty B adds a soaring melodic chorus before the band offer "Lost In Space," an electrified power ballad.

For fans of modern punk that avoids sounding too much like manufactured pop, F-Units will likely be a real winner. While "Reject on Impact" is full of familiar moments, it is a fun and entertaining ride that is sure to keep your attention. The F-Units make their first impression count with "Reject on Impact" with catchy tracks that draw you in.


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