Furious Billy

(Mungler Winslowe Records 2004)Furious Billy - Sissyfoot

Weird, smart and engaging: we have Casey Brandt to hold responsible for Furious Billy. There is as much untamed punk in "Sissyfoot," the sophomore release under the Furious Billy alias, as subdued indie rock. It is that assortment of sounds that makes "Sissyfoot" fun and catchy as Brandt grates his voice and thrashes away at his guitar.

It is a rude awakening, and certainly a sign of things to come, as Furious Billy greets the listener yelling the title of "All You Sons of Bitches" over and over. Similarly, "Hey Mike" is quick paced, distorted screams here and there, as the instrumentation drives on oblivious. Clear, crisp acoustic guitar leads into "The Fear," a gentle, well structured song with a sound that swells to the chorus. Gritty guitar chords scratch rapidly on "Dance Hall Dandys" as the vocals assault you. With a soft folk quality, "Who'd've Thought" pulls your focus to the guitar and vocal combination before adding more gentle accents. Wily electric guitar on "Yeah, Me Too" is catchy as its punk attitude bubbles to the surface. Aggressive, distorted vocals on "Take a Bite" are soothed by a gentle chorus of "oohs" and a quick guitar melody that is clear and bouncy.

With tracks "When I'll See You" and "Glad You Came," Furious Billy opts for a lighter feel, the prior thoughtful and the latter memorably somber. Adding a bit of an unhinged, and humorous, edge, "Grow a Pair" is textured by guitar and steady drums. Despite a quiet beginning and a number of starts and stops, "Fishy" picks up momentum and volume as it goes. Infusing a punk-like manner with his understated style, "Dirt Nap" is melodic and likable as it blends squealing distorted guitar with bright, clear guitar. Sounding downtrodden, "At Your Door" is a gentle final please before the quick and bouncy "I Swallowed a Cat."

Furious Billy lets loose on "Sissyfoot," as it rocks and rolls while remaining on the ball. It is the ideal combination of styles that balances "Sissyfoot" and makes it appealing and engaging, meeting your moods as they go from quick and dirty to slow and steady. Furious Billy covers a precise region, and he covers it well.


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