Furious Billy

(Mungler Winslowe Records 2004)Furious Billy - Sleep

It is a wild collection of sounds and textures on "Sleep," the third release from Casey Brandt's Furious Billy project. Remaining fresh and spontaneous, "Sleep" feels, deceptively, like it was just rushed together. The resulting album has a rough rock and punk inspired sound with folk thrown into the mix and enough feedback and static in the latter tracks to consider it an additional instrument on the album.

Brandt's monotone vocals are delivered over a careful guitar riff and piano melody, jingling with a reserved country feel on "Steak Knife Hitman." Guitar squeals and cuts through the instrumentation of "Aliens Outside My Window" as Brandt sneers roughly over a ominous sounding organ melody and "Now Someone's Going To Be Sorry" maintains the aggressive guitar style. Borrowing a Jimi Hendrix riff for "Wolfman I Am," the guitar driven tune thrives on the lo fi sound before bringing light xylophone into the equation. Things are not always what they appear for Furious Billy. The airy instrumentation of "So Awake" transforms itself into full rock, guitar wailing with clinking tambourine. While the light melody of "The Dentist's Dream" opens with a folksy banjo sound, it quickly deteriorates to pounding rock and angry yelling about teeth before being engulfed by feedback.

Like his previous album, "Sissyfoot," Furious Billy is wonderfully schizophrenic as it hops, skips, and jumps between sounds -- sometimes within the same song. If we are to believe that "Sleep" brings to life Furious Billy's dreams, thank goodness it is in musical form. With no respect for musical boundaries, Furious Billy easily makes everything on "Sleep" come together.