"Realistic Expectations"

(Division East 2010)GDP - Realistic Expectations

"Realistic Expectations" was released earlier this year from emcee GDP of West Orange, NJ. Having never heard of GDP or West Orange, NJ for that matter, it left me with zero expectations for this record. However, looking at the Sublime-like album art and the inset photo of the artist (OMG he's white) left me feeling slightly worried.

Turns out, the album was a very pleasant surprise, as was GDP. Expecting another wannabe gangster, pushing pounds and moving weight, I was relieved to find this was not the case at all. He isn't selling drugs at all, just using them...a lot. "Conversations with Danny Bauer," an entire track, is devoted to a ridiculous story involving himself and a can of Dust-Off (You can fill in the blanks). Yet therein lays the true joy of listening to this suburban college kid rap about bitches, drugs, and partying. GDP doesn't hide who he is, an unabashed, yet sincere free flowing, lyricist; he embraces it. He is what we all want Asher Roth to sound like.

"Realistic Expectations" makes good on GDP's promise to comprise an album that is one full thought, idea, and statement. "Orange Water" is a hilarious yet heartfelt shout out to his roots in West Orange, NJ. His goofy-footed flow atop a futuro-RZA beat, courtesy of J Stamps, highlights his inclinations for weed, Jersey smog, and a mish mash of delinquent hometown heroes. While "Them Versus Us" is an educated and self aware fuck you to the Man, "Loopholes" trips over an electronic beat and salutes the everyday struggles of independent artists and lifestyles. Together, he gives thanks and recognizes everything that made him who he is today.

Currently on tour throughout Australia, playing everywhere from clubs to driveways, GDP has leaked from "America's Armpit" into the ears of the confidently disoriented youth of the world...and that includes myself.


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