"Die Verbrechen der Liebe"

(Crucial Blast Records 2008)Geisha - Die Verbrechen der Liebe

A Geisha is a Japanese term used to describe a woman who gets paid for her company. “Die Verbrechen der Liebe” is a German phrase that translates into something like “The Crimes of Love.” Geisha, the band, hails from the United Kingdom. The Britons are as all-over-the-map musically as they are aesthetically, and have produced some killer noise rock that is, well, noisier than most.

“Prelude to Amber Pays the Rent” kicks the album off swimmingly, morphing from a red-eyed foot stomper to a complete freak-out meltdown to a snarling groove, before settling into a slow burning fusion of menacing bass, shimmering guitars, and a cascading wash of symbols. “Stop Talking, Let’s Fuck” (stupid song titles, but whatever) keeps the unpredictability coming with a minute and a half of screeches and gut punches. “A Wilderness, Except by Sight” adds another wrinkle with a clean guitar prelude to more schizomania. The album continues with the hyper noise rock until Geisha throw a monster curve ball in the form of album closer “Theme >From Diana.” The half-hour long track, twenty-five minutes of which is pure build-up, finds Geisha drugging up and droning out. Audio clips and sound effects swim with NeurIsis-ish noodling in a steadily increasing current until the dam breaks in a flood of electronic bleeps and whirring, cacophonous drums, and enough distortion to choke a small horse.

At the first go, it seems as if “Die Verbrechen der Liebe” is fractured and unfocused. But with repeated listens, the threads that tie the album together become apparent, and it becomes clear things aren’t quite as haphazard as they seem. While there are plenty of bits that seem to come from left field, Geisha knows well enough to at least keep everything in the same stadium. If this album proves anything, it’s that staying off the meds can sometimes be a good thing.


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