Geminus Sect

(Sin Klub Entertainment 2002)Geminus Sect - Gemination

"Gemination," the 2002 debut release of The Geminus Sect is an odd but appealing blending of KMFDM, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails and Atari Teenage Riot. Sounding not like any one of those artists in particular, "Gemination" is strong programming layered with heavy riffs that isn't quite industrial but isn't quite metal. And, like any good industrial or metal band, they cleverly hide their melodies under heavy guitar and bass riffs.

A good example of this part metal, part industrial sound is on opening track "Unborn Again" which is followed by the melody-driven hard rock of "Faceless Race." The band start many of there tracks -- such as the heavier industrial tendencies of "H.E.D. (Human Elimination Device)" or the driving metal of "Lapse" -- with just the pulsing, usually racing, drum machine beat. With "Cyst" or "Withdrawal," the band use a speeding dance beat layered with heavy guitar riffs to create a thicker sound. "Gemination" seems to get progressively harder with each track, peaking with "Sadomasochrist," a title to make any metal fan proud. The Geminus Sect also offers some catchier tracks such as "Nothing Is Real" and "Slavior" and finish with "Digital Deities," which, with its ultra fast programming and effects combined with low, growling vocals, is relatively different than the other tracks.

With strong guitar and bass plus well programmed songs, The Geminus Sect is unquestionably starting off well. "Gemination" isn't a collection of the same song played twelve times; instead, the album is twelve songs that sound to come from the same band without going all over the place. Their mixed metal/industrial sounding debut isn't quite at the level of any of the band's influences but that's something that only time and experience can develop.