Gerald Collier
"How Can There Be Another Day?"

(In Music We Trust Records 2007)Gerald Collier - How Can There Be Another Day?

While Gerald Collier's "How Can There Be Another Day?" may only be a collection of demos and B-sides, it sure seems like a good way to get to know this experienced musician. Signed to Sub Pop in the early '90s with his band The Best Kissers in the World, the former frontman is now "the" man as his seventh solo album pulls together covers of The Rolling Stones, Elton John, and Leonard Cohen, among others, with some of Collier's own unreleased songs.

Collier never forces himself to mimic the artists whose songs he covers. The Rolling Stones' "Jigsaw Puzzle" offers a twangy mid tempo rhythm while the cover of The McCoys' "Sorrow," which has also been covered by The Merseys and by David Bowie, has a smooth country power pop sound. Elsewhere, Collier's original music offers a sobering perspective. "I can't forgive what I can't forget," Collier sings solemnly on the heartbreaking ballad "For Taking My Baby Away." On the acoustic guitar heavy "One Clear Shot," Collier offers a dangerous and confident attitude that draws listeners in.

Sometimes it is the unreleased music and the cover songs that only see the light of day through collections, such as this one, that really show what a musician is capable of. With loose, thoughtful covers, Collier is able to focus his attention on just making music and having some fun while his unreleased tracks offer a different mood. "How Can There Be Another Day?" is an album that speaks not only to Collier's established fan base, but also to those who will undoubtedly become a fan after a few listens.


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