GG Allin
"GG Allin & The Murder Junkies"

(MVD Visual 2009)GG Allin - GG Allin & The Murder Junkies

This DVD isn't a collection of GG Allin & The Murder Junkies' greatest hits -- although the hits are never ending throughout the recording: primarily the self-inflicted dull thud of the microphone hitting GG Allin's forehead until blood streams out and covers his body and the smack of fists and hands as Allin and particularly daring concert-goers antagonize each other.

The over 60-minute DVD offers up a full show from the band, complete with Allin's in between song banter, while making each song into a sort of music video, flashing through a montage of live footage that is simultaneously both incredibly entertaining and incredibly horrific. Allin is clearly the star, the rest of the band getting little of the attention, as he jumps around the different stages, ventures into the audience, climbs rigging like a child on a playground and enjoys some, let's just say, "unusual" camera angles of the usually naked or near naked Allin. The sound of the live recordings used on DVD, of tracks like "Die When You Die," "Kill Everything I Fuck" and "I Live To Be Hated," varies from pretty decent to an indistinguishable muddle on tracks like Also worth checking out is the DVD's bonus interview from 2008 with GG and Merle's mom; it's sad, shocking and fascinating.

For fans of the band, the DVD is certainly worth checking out although for most this will be a once and done venture. The repetition of so many similar montages for each song makes things turn quickly towards being tedious.


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