Ghost Is Dancing
"The Darkest Spark"

(Sonic Unyon Recording Company 2007)Ghost Is Dancing - The Darkest Spark

Any band that has both multiple members and orchestrated hand-claps is somewhat predictably going to be compared to Arcade Fire.

In reality, The Ghost Is Dancing are probably closer sounding to fellow Canadian musical troupe Broken Social Scene (who also hail from Toronto), the brass heavy track "We'll Make It" is especially reminiscent of BSS's "Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)" (taken from their 2005 self-titled third album).

With "The Darkest Spark," it is forgivable to get bogged down in comparisons; the early songs suggest Broken Social Scene, by track five, "Organ," it is vocally all sounding very Win Butler and by track nine, "Wait Another Day," it's as uplifting as a Polyphonic Spree record on a hot summer day. Although what TGID are doing isn't particularly genre-defining it is nonetheless still masterful.

Considering this album only took a few weeks to record, the future does indeed seem bright for the octet and "The Darkest Spark" is well worth forking out for as it is a highly charming and well thought out album that only misses out on the top rungs of perfection due to its definite lack of originality.

As for Canada, well she's like one big musical factory at the moment, churning out top band after top band, TGID just the latest in a long line of acts who are less Alanis Morissette, more interesting post-rock experimentalism. With the Vancouver Winter Olympics fast approaching, one thing is for sure, Canada won't be short of decent bands to play the opening ceremony.


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