Giant Drag
"Hearts and Unicorns"

(Kick Ball Records 2005)Giant Drag - Hearts and Unicorns

The Breeders look to have some new competition or at least some imitators. Duo Giant Drag, made up on Annie Hardy and Micah Calabrese, take a decidedly pop point of view of indie rock on their debut album, "Hearts and Unicorns." Hardy's high pitched, fragile vocals layered over the upbeat melodies of their guitar rock songs are just pop enough to be cool for some.

Maybe it was Hardy's inner child that named the album and wrote the lyrics for the immature "Kevin Is Gay," which sees her substitute "meow" for each word of the final verse. Guitar buzzes on the poppy but mellow "This Isn't It" and "High Friends In Places" stand out from the pack as the thumping "YFLMD" (rumored to stand for "You Fuck Like My Dad") drives on heavier guitar riffs and falls a little to the left of center. A pattering and pounding rhythm leads on the softly childlike "Pretty Little Neighbor" and the smooth melody of "Everything's Worse." Hardy holds little back while dense, fuzzy guitar riffs swallow her vocals up on "You're Full Of Shit (Check Out My Sweet Riffs)" before changing the tone with longer, heavier riffs on "My Dick Sux."

By the end of "Hearts and Unicorns," you can not help by feel divided. Sure, there were some good songs but Giant Drag regurgitate too much that has already been heard. And while I am sure they would probably argue to the contrary, they just try too hard to be clever. Here is hoping that Giant Drag grow and gain some experience before their next release.


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