"Prime Motivator"

(Crustacean Records 2008)Giraffes - Prime Motivator

The Giraffes are rude, crude and they want to fuck you up. Pick your side now because if you aren't along for the ride, this Brooklyn band is going to drag you kicking and screaming; it won't be pretty and, most likely, bloodshed will occur. On "Prime Motivator," their fourth full-length release, the quartet have enlisted axe-man Dave Catching (Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal) as producer and headed out into the California desert.

A Led Zeppelin-style guitar riff digs in as guitarist Damien Paris puts a bit of a boogie on it for "Done" while "The Power Of Fatherhood" rides a surf sound and "Clever Girl" takes a slower Middle Eastern flavored approach. High-hat cymbals keep time on "Diskowarts" as The Giraffes mangle the indie rock dance sound, ripping the heads off The Killers. But these tough guys aren't fooling anyone as they try to sneak harmonies and falsetto vocals in from time to time. On the slowly spinning "Medicaid Benefit Applique" and "Louis Guthrie Want to Kill Me" the band shows more restraint and careful thought.

"Prime Motivator" picks up where its predecessor, The Giraffes' self-titled record, left off. The energy, the aggression and the psychosis are all tightly packed in there with more sharp and showy guitar riffs than you can shake a stick at. While "The Giraffes" echoed a chorus of "having fun with assholes," "Prime Motivator" adopts a mantra of "we don't even care." And that's part of what makes The Giraffes so effective.


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