Girly Freak Show
"Girly Freak Show EP"

(Self-Released 2003)Girly Freak Show - Girly Freak Show EP

With a sound reminiscent of many of the female fronted punk bands, such as the Lunachicks, and enough sexual subject matter to liken the Donnas, Girly Freak Show have a little of the Go-Go's thrown in, too. The songs on the band's EP cover topics from love, stalking and Hollywood all told with smart, quick-paced lyrics.

In her best Valley Girl voice, Wendy Latta sings "He's so fucking pretty I like him/He's so immature and I totally like him" in "My Boyfriend." With its strong riffs and vocal filling "oh-oh-oh" throwing back to the Ramones, "My Boyfriend" serves as a strong and inviting opening track on the EP. Rattling of a list of excuses casting director, or rather, "some repressed guy's fantasy," will give for not hiring you, "Too Fat" is catchy. "You Can't Leave Me" uses verses that sound sweet and innocent until you realize, like a page out of Courtney Love's diary, Latta's threatening you and the choruses reflect the change in mood by getting edgier and faster. The EP's final track, "Rain Song," stands out from the other three tracks simply because it is different. Made up of strings, acoustic guitar and vocals, "Rain Song" is more of a straightforward ballad than punk rock and while it throws the EP stylistically, it offers a strong closer nevertheless.

Girly Freak Show's EP keeps your attention and your interest for the entire time it plays. Catchy, memorable and well performed, the songs use many of the same techniques and sounds of similar bands but still make it their own. And while the EP is rather short, it keeps up the punk tradition of short songs and peaks your interest for some more songs.


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