"Devotion Implosion"

(Cordless Recordings 2009)Gliss - Devotion Implosion

Gliss is an experimental indie pop group from Los Angeles whose music has the ability to put you into a psychedelic dream-like state. The mind-altering sounds that Victoria Cecilia, Martin Klingman, and David Reiss create can be found on their second album, "Devotion Implosion," which was just released through Cordless Recordings on April 7th.

The compilation of noise on "Devotion Implosion" is a mix of fuzzed out guitars played by Reiss and mellow bass lines produced by Cecilia. The record is chaotic and tracks such as "Sad Eyes" perfectly portray the beauty that can be found in a catchy rock-pop overdose. The lyrics on the album, written by Klingman, begin as sweet words of love that transform into dark lonely expressions as songs like "Sleep" and "Beauty " exemplify. Although Klingman provides the vocals for most of the tracks, Cecilia throws in her own vocal notes in a few songs. The album was mixed by Gareth Jones, who worked with Depeche Mode, which explains the modern '80s feel that the record encompasses.

"Devotion Implosion" conveys a sweet blend of harmonies that your ears will absolutely adore. It's a well-produced album and a great dream-pop sound for 2009.


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