"The World According to Gob"

(Nettwerk Records 2000)Gob - The World According to Gob

They've been sneaking in to the American music scene for years but never before have the Canadians been invading with such numbers. Canadian bands are on their way to dominating American music charts and one such Canadian band, Gob, might have what it takes. With a clean sound free of excessive distortion or effects, Gob use lots of blended harmonies in their melody driven tunes, playing mostly vocal driven songs on their album, "The World According to Gob." Keeping things interesting, the band stick in a few songs with rougher edges and a slightly pop-punk sound.

Gob seem to experiment with repetition throughout the record. On "I Hear You Calling," the vocalist actually goes through the verse and chorus then repeats the original chorus and chorus - keeping everything the same save for changing "I've seen you now/about the fourth time baby" to "fifth time baby." Similarly repetitive are "Can I Resist" and "Ex-Shuffle" (with "I always say you know I know/we're always getting nowhere, nowhere/ I guess I'll never ever learn, never learn").

Lyrically the band seems to oscillate between seemingly angry and violent lyrics put to up-beat music (see "Sleepyhead," a mellow sounding song, with a verse melody line reminiscent of Blink-182, has slightly violent lyrics about "painted murder," "suicidal neighbors," and jamming "the forceps in my eyes") and idealism (such as the search for "a place where we can go and carry on" which is apparently California according to the title, "Looking For California"). While there aren't any catchy guitar riffs, the band do have several catchy melodies and lyrical hooks in songs like "Pinto" and "Everyone Pushed Down." The band also include an interesting "hidden track" if you let the CD keep playing. Gob don't really reinvent the wheel, but their finished product has a certain appeal. You can let these Canadians across the border.