Golden Boys
"Goodbye Country"

(Monofonus Press 2008)Golden Boys - Goodbye Country

In a world of glitzy, polished, and over-produced pop music, The Golden Boys' "Goodbye Country" is a refreshing breath of booze-infused air. The Austin quintet's big rumbling sound evokes everything from dark, packed dive bars to rollicking parties in the desert. Bringing together the raw guitar energy of The Kinks with old-timey sensibilities of country music greats, Golden Boys unrefined sound is captured perfectly on their third full-length. When you listen to this album, you hear dynamic, well-rehearsed musicians that have fun playing together.

The carefree sound on "Goodbye Country" is held together with drums, bass and plenty of guitar, but the use of organ, trombone, electric piano and saxophone keeps the songs fresh and varied. The sax solo on "Big Money" sounds like something Bruce Springsteen would write after downing a bottle of Jack Daniels (even the song title echos the Boss). "Shortcut to Memphis" drops us in the middle of an all day/night party on a flatbed railroad car steaming through the Southland. "The Box" is propelled by a mellifluous bass hook, and the sprawling organ and honest vocal stylings conjure up the Grateful Dead's more rocking material.

Golden Boys lay it all on the line for every track. Just listening to "Goodbye Country" will put an aching for booze deep in your gut. The in-your-face and brutally honest style could stem from their incessant drinking, but if the music is good, then who cares!