Golden Chariots Of Mars
"Golden Chariots Of Mars"

(Magnetic Sea Sound Recordings 2005)Golden Chariots Of Mars - Golden Chariots Of Mars

While their name might bring to mind fiery carts speeding along with reckless abandon, Golden Chariots Of Mars are actually quite the opposite. Slow driving melodies fuse together with buzzing instrumentation for a mellow and spacey sound. Borrowing the psychedelic female-fronted style of Jefferson Airplane, the Minnesota-based Golden Chariots Of Mars keep things a bit more reserved.

The relaxed sound of "Star Song" and "Bliss" stretch the band's typical sound and adds to the album as singer Catie Larson's strong vocals easily take control while the buzzing distortion on "Meridian Oblivian" drags closely at its heels. Turning the tempo up some, Golden Chariots Of Mars are upbeat and even catchy on the smooth pop of "Smile Upside Down" while "This Picture" and "Empathetic" drive with a harder rhythm. But it is not until "They Have Arrived" that Golden Chariots Of Mars get hot as surf guitar riffs and pounding drums come together for a bright moment that stands out on the album. The band keep that harder edge for "Fire" as instrumentation furiously attacks while Larson's vocals takes a more laid back approach that is full of attitude.

Golden Chariots Of Mars' debut self-titled album may not be a scorching rocker but it definitely has its strong moments. But with so much of an unnecessarily repetitive sound throughout "Golden Chariots Of Mars," the album drags at points and blends together perhaps too much. Not a one listen album, Golden Chariots Of Mars grow on you with each listen as each song stands on its own and makes an impression.