"The Heart Is the Place"

(Better Looking Records 2007)Goldrush - The Heart Is the Place

British band Goldrush certainly is not new. Signed to Virgin Records in the early 2000s, the band released their debut album, "Don't Bring Me Down," with the label before being dropped in 2002. Since then, the band has released three other full-length records, including their most recent, "The Heart Is The Place," an album of gentle melodies.

From the very first moments that "The Heart Is The Place" comes pouring out of the speakers, Goldrush make their mark and let you know what to expect. With instrumentation that is somewhere between orchestral, with its collection of horns and strings, and rock it is fine tuned for a smooth and soft sound. Throughout the album Goldrush are likable, the gentle melodies of "The Story of the City" and the instrumentally minimal "Can't Give Up The Ghost" simply floating effortlessly by. On "24 Hours," Goldrush transform the sleepy and delicate melody by contrasting the light piano with gurgling electronics and resonating guitars. But Goldrush are more than sweet melodies. Rich, thick instrumentation takes on a freeform feel on "Sun In Your Eyes" that instantly captures the attention.

Thoughtful and carefully created, Goldrush's "The Heart Is The Place" reminds of Keane and Snow Patrol. But where those bands play it safe, Goldrush take some chances and at least try to push themselves to try new things. While "The Heart Is The Place" is not as edgy as it could have been, Goldrush know what they do best and stick to that. The outcome is an album of soft rock songs that are more than just easy listening.


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