Goons of Doom
"The Story Of Dead Barbie And Ghost"

(Volcom Entertainment 2006)Goons of Doom - The Story Of Dead Barbie And Ghost

After the success last year of their five-song EP, "Bikey Zombie," the Goons of Doom got to work recording their debut album, "The Story Of Dead Barbie And Ghost." In fact, they recorded the album in just four days. These UK rockers are a wild mishmash of 50 inspired rock and surf combined with hard-hitting punk and then accented with melodies that hint of indie rock. With each band member of the quintet adopting some silly monikers, the Goons of Doom are a band that can keep you guessing and prepared for the unexpected.

The piano plunking ditty "Dope city in the UK (intro)" offers a short but confusing albeit unnecessary foreword in which the band, humbly, let you know that "all this shit was fun to do/all this shit was made for you." With chugging guitars and an attitude (along with blood and sex-soaked lyrics) that remind of The Dwarves, the Goons of Doom perhaps pay tribute to their rhythm guitarist Vaughn Dead with the in-joke "VD." Guitar melodies keep "Bikey Zombie" and the noticeably similar "Broken Toe" light enough to suggest the desired surf sound while on the album's title track, the band engages fans with a more modern power that puts a hip swinging rhythm. The Breeders come to mind when Goons of Doom's sole female member -- Bang Bang Bunny Fang -- takes over on lead vocals for "My Song" and "It Stinks" while her duet on the soft but lyrically deadly "Devil" keeps to the established atmosphere. Guitars buzz on rougher rock tracks like "Leaving Song" and "Wimps" while "Fingered" hints of Rancid before "The Ass Kisses the Face" provides the unrestrained rock 'n' roll that listeners have waited for the whole album.

While a bit on the long side considering the brevity of each track on "The Story Of Dead Barbie And Ghost," the Goons of Doom straddle the line with their unapologetic blend of rock. The band has managed to take a greaser sound and drag it kicking and screaming through punk, grunge and indie. But it is when the Goons of Doom just let loose, stop trying so hard and simply focus on taking their aggressions out on their instruments that the band makes their most enjoyable music.


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