"Passion Before Function"

(Edge Delay 2007)GoStation - Passion Before Function

It has been a slow and steady climb uphill for New York City indie rock band The GoStation. Since their formation several years ago, the band have juggled their line-up while playing shows and releasing one EP. But finally through "Passion Before Function," the band have released their debut album. The GoStation have the sound, the affectation and the style to lead the movement of a new wave of shoegazer.

Tightly constructed vocals melt in to the racing "Next in line" as pounding instrumentation is balanced by soft, dreamy vocals on "Twin Six" and the ultra laid back "Not Enough" simply floats by weightlessly amidst a melodic guitar line. The GoStation lure listeners in with the warm and familiar haze of "All Together Now" and they keep you hooked with "Common Ground," as bass reverberates heavily on the track while Doug Levy sings that "it's all right if you need me/it's a crime if you don't." The hopelessly romantic "When I'm Gone" tries to convince a girl not to take Levy's love for granted while the light "C'mon" and the even softer "Battle Lines" continue the band's gentle ballad sound.

The GoStation start off "Passion Before Function" with energy, zest and a dreamy sound. By the end of the album, the band has mysteriously progressed to soft rock. Somewhere in the middle the band just drops the ball and when they pick it back up, they just do not have the same confidence or liveliness. The GoStation whet appetites with "Passion Before Function" but inevitably leave you hanging.


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