Go! Team
"Thunder, Lightning, Strike"

(Columbia Records 2005)Go! Team - Thunder, Lightning, Strike

The United Kingdom is exporting yet another band to the world's music community. But while there are distinct sounds that are attributed to originating in the UK, The Go! Team seems to abandon the homemade sounds. Instead, The Go! Team is more attracted to Motown and early hip hop on the stateside release of their debut album, "Thunder, Lightning, Strike." The largely instrumental album combines flaring horns and pulsing electronics with chanting vocals and poppy 70s samples for an updated sound that is still true to its origins.

Smooth, catchy instrumental melodies, driven by upbeat jazz, with harmonica and piano, lead on "Panther Dash" and "Feelgood by Numbers." Blending pulsing electronics, "Ladyflash" catches your attention with its drum fills and familiar samples while "The Power Is On" and "We Just Won't Be Defeated" clamors and claps and chants indistinctly over dramatic instrumentation. A quick moving disco instrumental like "Junior Kickstart" is counteracted by The Go! Team as they instead opt for the mellow spirited "Friendship Update" as its melody sails lightly on the clouds before "Everyone's A V. I. P. To Someone" kicks and stamps its way back in, causing quite a noise.

The band's name could not be anymore appropriate as their high energy and upbeat enthusiasm seems endless as "Thunder, Lightning, Strike" rolls on and on, occasionally sounding like a block party in Brooklyn. But while The Go! Team's light pop numbers are a fun and interesting listen, they rehash too much we have already heard and follow too many established formulas.


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