(Icon MES Records 2007)Graduate - Anhedonia

Springfield, Illinois' The Graduate must have gone to college, or at least they have access to a dictionary. "Anhedonia," says, is a noun defined as the "lack of pleasure or of the capacity to experience it." It is almost like naming your album "really bad songs." Whether The Graduate's title addresses themselves or the listeners, it is unclear but, regardless, they must be mistaken. The band's debut full-length is a quick moving guitar-led assault that has melodies which soar and swell and energy that sizzles albeit lacking in overall memorable moments.

Instrumentation with a heavy feel contrasts the weightless melodies and vocals on tracks like "Sit & Sink" and the aggressive sound on "Justified." Elsewhere for the album's title track and "Doppelganger," quick guitar riffs and softer vocals put a dance spin on the band's otherwise emo style sound. The gently twinkling instrumentation on "I Survived" is stripped off for a quicker melody before the band shows off a brighter sound in the memorable "Bet It All" as singer Corey Warning takes control.

The Graduate's debut full-length never rests as the band quickly delivers twelve tracks one right after the other. As they maintain the intensity from track to track, they also maintain a bit too much of the sound. "Anhedonia" ends up being strung together by similar sounds, specifically the power driven choruses that fly through the rapid guitar riff melodies. The Graduate's "Anhedonia" is fun and easily listenable, as they focus on being danceable rock with an emo flair.


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