Great Day For Up
"Ready Rock"

(Self-Released 2002)

On "Ready Rock," GreatDayForUp's debut full-length release, the band offers a sound that's not quite heavy grunge and not quite "modern rock." Songs like "X-Girlfriend" and "Hit" feature some slightly angry lyrics, such as in "Hit" where the listener is told "suicide is a choice I've been told by the tepid voice in my mind." While the album is short on hooks that stick in your mind, save for "Crashlanding," it is obvious that instrumentally the band know how to play but are somewhat subdued to highlight the emotionless, sometimes boring vocals which dominate a majority of the album.

With "In This Circle," GreatDayForUp introduce a more wholly groove-driven sound that adds a nice diversity to the album. The band smartly also continue the groove-driven sound by incorporating the groove with heavier beats that blend well. Midway through the album, GreatDayForUp introduce a new vocal sound for one song that is a welcome change, even if it is essentially only screaming. In this same song, "I Got A Plan," the band has a unique break that has a slight drum and bass influenced sound. That sound bleeds into the next track, "Coming Home," a bit, using speedy vocals on the groove-driven verses. It is towards the end of the album when the band decide to either completely diversify or have lost interest in structure, seemingly becoming a rap-rock outfit for two minutes and twenty-two second, using distorted vocals reciting lyrics like "cash money money." Quickly snapping out of it, GreatDayForUp return to their earlier sound for the final two tunes that just demonstrate how instrumentally sound they are.

No matter what your opinion of GreatDayForUp's vocals are, the album is an admirable debut that is not going to redefine rock music but is still good for "ready rock."


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