Great Northern
"Trading Twilight For Daylight"

(Eenie Meenie Records 2007)Great Northern - Trading Twilight For Daylight

With soft twinkles layered throughout "Trading Twilight For Daylight," Great Northern's music creates a visual image to coincide with the album's title. That image is inspired not only by twinkling melodies but also by rich strings, gentle vocal harmonies and a simple no frills impression that works like a charm. Indeed, Great Northern seems easily likable on their debut album.

Great Northern simply flow by with an air of reflection, riding with ease on the full melody of songs like "Home" and the slow pulsing "Low Is A Height." For "Babies," the band take a somewhat different approach that pays off as the quietly balanced song echoes in your mind long after its five minute run has completed. But Great Northern also bare their teeth, albeit shyly. On "Telling Lies," the sweeping chorus is prefaced with pounding verses, while the guitar heavy "Into The Sun" leads the way with clapping and the catchy "The Middle" blends buzzing verses with a sweet sounding chorus. But on "Just A Dream," the band incorporate all of their many sounds, ending with the sharp pizzicato of orchestral strings over a rich melody that is both full and engaging.

With so many indie bands focusing on a certain sound, Great Northern's pop tinged "Trading Twilight For Daylight" is an unexpected and welcome change, fitting somewhere between Snow Patrol and Silversun Pickups. The band keep things interesting throughout the album with a sound that, song to song, varies ever so slightly. The result is that by the middle of each song, Great Northern have opened themselves up to you and drawn you into the light airiness of the melodies and the understated power of the choruses.


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