Green To Think
"Liar Like Me"

(Fake Chapter Records 2005)Green To Think - Liar Like Me

Jersey gentlemen Green To Think have honed their sound for years, releasing EPs of their soft edged rock that flows on blended melodies that weave their way throughout each song. With their first full length, "Liar Like Me," Green To Think seem committed. "Liar Like Me" is uncomplicated, attaching itself to you with its endearing songs of poppy rock made more for slow dancing than head banging.

On one hand, Green To Think could have a career with upbeat rock. The strength of the bouncy and bright "Dear Urgency" and the guitar twanging country inspired "Wake Up Sarah" are obvious with their power pop chords and sweet harmonies. But it is the softer tunes, with dreams and aspirations of being ballads, that dominate "Liar Like Me" in different forms. Rhythmic melodies like "Blonde" and the stormy "Can You Hear Me" flow with a sharp focus while elsewhere piano ballads "Prisoner of War" and "Can I Call You?" reflect a carefully crafted minimalism that ebbs and flows with ease. Green To Think are clean and crisp on "Paint Me Pictures," letting the sweet harmonies do the talking while "Hold On" is a light rock shuffle. The band even sticks their necks out a bit on the album's title track, incorporating some opera into the otherwise soft song as it builds power. "Could you forgive a liar like me for a song that once was true?" Green To Think frontman Steven Piperno asks.

Through equal hints of longing and optimism, "Liar Like Me" is an easy pill to swallow with the songs revealing a certain intimacy and personal connection that comes you either have or you do not. Green To Think easily flow from point to point on "Liar Like Me," offering sincere moments at each stop.


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