Green To Think
"Sundays Were Made For This"

(Fake Chapter Records 2002)Green To Think - Sundays Were Made For This

If you are looking for alternative rock that shows the softer (but not too much softer) side of rock, Green To Think's "Sundays Were Made For This," might be an EP worth checking out. The band's melody and lyrically driven songs make twenty-some minutes fly by in a blink of your eye as the band flex their muscles with ballads and straightforward mid tempo songs.

Green To Think open their EP with a slow, ballad-type song called "Sundays Were Made For This." Featuring blended harmonies on some vocals, the song is chiefly a melodic one. With an intro that sounds briefly similar to the Foo Fighters' "Learn to Fly," "Rockin'" is an interesting mid tempo song that is essentially alternative rock with hints of indie rock. "Alison Rose," a soft song with pattering drums that is a bit different than the previous two, reminds you of Phantom Planet. Green To Think have the most up beat instrumental sound on the mid tempo moseying of "Better." And although the lyrics might not be quite as up beat as the music, singer Steve Piperno asks "Will you still invite me to your wedding?/Because I would really like to know/Where did I go wrong?"

"You bet he was 17 and that he played drama queen./And that he'd sit at home on Frday night with his make-up./You never thought he'd come this far when he only liked to drive his car for the feeling of the night wind running through his hair," Piperno sings on the nicely flowing "And You Dream." Green To Think close out the EP, with "Dear My Heaven," much like they started -- a slow ballad -- but do not focus as much on the blended harmonies.

With melodies and clear lyrics that could easy find their way into your head, Green To Think's "Sundays Were Made For This" EP is a pleasant and easy listening experience. And with no song really standing out above the others, the band has a level playing field allowing for the songs to work together as a collection.


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