Greg Parker
"On the Break"

(Whitewall Records 2004)Greg Parker - On the Break

Greg Parker woos all the ladies on his EP "On the Break" as he croons, essentially as a one-man band, to songs that have that vintage, early rock n roll sound, when it was closer to its country roots. Full of feeling, Parker retains the traditional air of innocence as he sings about respectable things, such as breaking hearts.

Slowly shimmering guitar chords complete the authentic 50s feel of "Get In Line Caroline." The tapping, up tempo rhythm of "Disaster Waiting To Happen" is accented by harmonica while there is an understated guitar solo on the slow to mid tempo country rock saunter "A Heart Is A Terrible Thing To Break." "Molly Dear" is a gentle acoustic song that makes you listen closer before the upbeat, up tempo rockabilly of "Kathleen."

Parker's likable sound might not be completely unique, but it is a refreshing change of pace. His straightforward delivery with the solid instrumentation sound refined, not overdone. Parker shows a promising future with his "On The Break" EP.


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