Grey Does Matter
"Your Job Will Kill You"

(Pop Rally! Records 2006)Grey Does Matter - Your Job Will Kill You

If Weezer were willing to take more chances with their music, perhaps roll the dice and not always sound so shamelessly poppy, they might have turned out like Grey Does Matter. Grey Does Matter's newest album, "Your Job Will Kill You," is indie rock, accented with smooth melodies, synth accents and then given an unpredictably poppy twist.

With a slow, sleepy opening, Grey Does Matter gently usher you into their album with "Irregular Embraces." But things quickly jump into gear as guitar riffs push the infectious pop of "Unlimited Fun Shine" and "Wait For Me" as "Already All Ready" takes over with a throbbing rhythm. Keyboard adds a quirky little melody to the upbeat bounce of "Summer Song" while on the pounding rock of the politically tinged "Wholesale," Grey Does Matter front man Jason Crawford sings, "We say that he won but you only checked once/They can't sell it if we don't buy it." Elsewhere on the album, the band lean more towards the dark. The methodical "So Easy" is both haunting and memorable while "Another Mistake" keeps the level of intensity high.

Keeping an even hand as they balance their light, catchy melodies with thoughtful lyrics, Grey Does Matter easily keeps their album "Your Job Will Kill You" full of substance. While somewhat repetitive, Grey Does Matter remains close to their scheduled plan and executes each song cleanly and well. Deceptively light, Grey Does Matter is the kind of music you could quietly play in your cubicle and get away with, while still feeling subversive.


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