(Anti 2007)Grinderman - Grinderman

There once was a time when all eyes were on the young bands just breaking out onto the music scene. Inexperienced and with often raw sounds, it was young garage bands that made the albums that so often took the world by storm. But these days the industry seems too eager to take in plenty of young bands, trying to replicate common sounds for instant hits, and more experienced acts are being cast off to make room and free up funding.

Tell Nick Cave not to do something and not only will he do it, he will do it better than you ever could. Grinderman, Cave's garage rock sort-of super group -- which also includes Bad Seeds Warren Ellis (Dirty Three), Martyn Casey (Triffids), and Jim Sclavunos -- is an experiment in experience.

"Honey Bee (Let's Fly To Mars)" pounds infectiously, keyboards shouting shrilly as Cave buzzes between verses while "Get It On" offers a loose and frantic feel that is full of energy and muddy guitar riffs. While every other rocker is bragging about their sexual conquests, Cave unleashes his frustrations of not getting any on the rhythmic thrashing of "No Pussy Blues" and on the minimalist pattering of "Go Tell The Women," he negotiates in spoken word form for "a little consensual rape in the afternoon and maybe a bit more in the evening." With a siren echoing over the melody, "Electric Alice" creeps dangerously in by offering a look at the seedier side.

One part raging rock and another part slinking, low key tunes, the self-titled debut from Grinderman is intelligent and catchy -- an unlikely combination. Amidst all the hype that surrounded Grinderman from the very first whispered rumors of the band, the band's debut release more than delivers.


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