"Ghosts of Arkadelphia"

(Paddy Wax Productions/Nine Mile Reco 2002)Grubstake - Ghosts of Arkadelphia

Boston's Grubstake may have some demons to exorcize on "Ghosts of Arkadelphia" and it certainly makes for some good music. With a relaxed air, Grubstake jam at their own pace and then present foot stomping rock n roll that is anything but minimalist as accordions swell and bass thumps heavily with smooth guitar licks, among other instruments.

Grubstake give you a taste of their entire album on "Railroad" as it starts quiet, incorporates some sound effects and progresses to heavily rhythmic rock. Both "Silent Song" and "Circus Song" put on a show, going a little over the top and keeping the excitement. There is a feel of older rock and some blues on strong tracks like "Sick Day" and "Recession Blues 2001." But quick numbers like "Ballad of Sharon de Paygne" keep things spontaneous and enjoyable.

Remaining effortlessly fun, the songs of "Ghosts of Arkadelphia" are strong as they offer both quiet introspection and falsetto bopping. While they may not be the White Stripes, Grubstake are sure to appeal with "Ghosts of Arkadelphia."


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