"Live The Party"

(Friendship Records 2006)Guys - Live The Party

Prepare yourself as The Guys try to seduce you. The Canadian trio might look a little sleazy with their fedoras, white sunglasses and ascots wrapped loosely around their necks, but all they really want to do is make you shake your ass. The Guys might have the same goal as the Eagles of Death Metal but they go about it in a completely different way. Vibrant cartoons that are often larger than life, The Guys put groove and rhythm into rock.

Chugging guitar riffs open "Live The Party" with the track "Unloaded" as The Guys charge forward and make their mark with a sound that combines The Clash and Devo. Laid back guitar rock tunes like "Off Limits" and "Open Up" are light and bouncy while elsewhere, The Guys get a bit funky on "Way Down Low." Guitar player and vocalist Johnny Kikx sings smoothly on rhythmic and catchy "Out Of Order" before the song makes a sharp turn and turns a long instrumental interlude that briefly covers the cringe-worthy wedding favorite "Cha Cha Slide." Only with "Before You Run," a minimal track, does the band really falter while the pulsing "Man With A Moustache" easily produces some smiles with its light humor.

"Live The Party" has just the right layout to help get your party going. The Guys transition from quick, upbeat rock tunes to more electronic-based dance numbers and even throw a couple slow numbers in there. Fun and never too serious, The Guys deliver exactly what they promise, nothing more or less. The Guys definitely get the party started with their debut. So, where is the keg?