Happy Hour
"Whatever Makes You Happy"

(Kamikaze Records 2002)Happy Hour - Whatever Makes You Happy

Apparently modern rockers Happy Hour are Tommy James and the Shondells fans. Or maybe, judging by their age, they're more familiar with Tiffany. Either way, the band incorporates a part of "I Think We're Alone Now" into their opening song, "Alone," which gives it a different feel. The rest of the album follows pretty much the same way, occasionally rocking harder, but usually keeping a mellow feel. Happy Hour are obviously good musicians, using great guitar riffs and solos as well as bass and drum parts while their singer, Leonard, has a voice which really blends nicely with the instruments. Happy Hour don't take themselves too seriously (for example lyrics like "You dress so fly, you make my mom look like a guy" from "143") and are obviously just having fun.

Songs like "Someday," "143," and "It Must Have Been Love" stick out from the others - the last one is actually a fun, high-energy Roxette's cover. "Taken Away" has a hip hop edge to it that separates it from the rest of the songs and "Fling" is one of the more up-tempo songs which offers you a break from some of the more calm beginning songs.

With songs that are ready for radio, Happy Hour sound sometimes nostalgic of maybe late '80s/early '90s modern rock. But, you're never really able to put your finger on which past band they sound like...except themselves.