"Mind Chaos"

(Capitol Records 2009)Hockey - Mind Chaos

Hockey is a little bit of dance rock and a little bit of indie soul on their debut full-length, “Mind Chaos.” Their album is chock full of tunes primed for play as singles, on your playlist or even on your mixtape…if you still do that sort of thing. One thing is for sure: Hockey get their money’s worth from their keyboards, using what sure seems like every default beat that comes pre-programmed in the things.

While “Mind Chaos” never sounds disjointed, it certainly can be easily broken apart and taken in easy to listen to pieces. Opening track “Too Fake” is a fun track with a soaring and catchy chorus. Bass thumps and old school sounding electronics snap and pop while Hockey vocalist Ben Grubin lays down a flow that brings Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” to mind; call it a tribute of sorts. What keeps “Mind Chaos” together (and gets you dancing) are those thick grooves that the band lays down on each track. To their own credit, Hockey changes things up in a better late than never sort of way by tossing in “Everyone’s The Same Age,” a soft down-tempo ballad, as the closing track.

Hockey makes sure that there are some tasty stand-outs for fans who haven’t yet built up immunity to that standard dance rock drumbeat that’s spread like a virus the last few years. As the band blends together sounds from the past two or three decades, it makes you wonder if they can do anything fresh. But the vast majority of “Mind Chaos” plays like a repeat of something still relatively fresh in the mind. When their lack of originality doesn’t get in their way, Hockey manages to pull it off, too.


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