Human Value
"The Human Value"

(Big Deal Records 2005)Human Value - The Human Value

There is a definite feel of retro rock on Human Value's self-titled debut release. A blend of old monster movies and new wave punk rock, the album buries bright melodies under heavy instrumentation while the dark and smooth vocals of frontwoman Turu beckon listeners further into the intense and mysterious music. Turu, along with, Hiram, her partner in crime, are the United Kingdom duo that make up The Human Value and make you question your own significance with their sinister lyrics and Turu's dry delivery.

A wall of buzzing instrumentation fuses with a quick rhythm and hand claps for a goth treat on "Give Me." A choir of voices sing in unison on "Nashville #5" as the quaint melody loosely finds its own way before the driving riffs of "Tonight" remind of She Wants Revenge with its buzzing, vibrating guitar effects. Human Value really hit the mark with the uncomplicated dark pop of "She," the lyrics simply dripping off Turu's tongue as she spits, "young girls they just blow your mind."

One note of dark music consistently hangs over The Human Value's debut release, casting the songs into a shadow that only buzzing guitars and pounding drum machines can get you out of. The Human Value gives the impression that they could be anything on the album; they could be edgy, they could be poppy, they could be goth. Cleverly, the band never answers the question and keep listeners guessing. And it keeps fans waiting for The Human Value's sophomore album.


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