Hurricane Bells
"Tonight Is The Ghost"

(Vagrant Records 2009)Hurricane Bells - Tonight Is The Ghost

Every so often in life you come across an album that can only be described "absolutely bloody brilliant." This is one of those albums.

We begin with "This Year" a song about starting the New Year fresh and leaving the past behind you. A superb song it gradually builds up into a crescendo and features a superb guitar solo. "This is A Test" is a livelier song and features the catchy refrain "A world out of control." This song is one of the weaker tracks on the album yet is still an excellent song which only goes to show the overall quality of the album. "I can't remember," however, is an exceptional song and the best track on the album. Featuring simply superb vocals, this song feels like it could at the top the charts and quite frankly it deserves to be. "Tonight I'm Going Be a Shooting Star" is an extremely sad song describing perfectly the mixed emotions one experiences after breaking up. "Darkness Is So Deep" is one of the more "mainstream" songs on the album and reminds this reviewer of Vampire Weekend.

"Crocodile" is a purely instrumental track and allows the guitarist to demonstrate his talent. This, by the way, shows how the guitar is meant to be played. Instead of playing a million notes one after the other, the guitarist plays the right notes with enough emotion to almost make this reviewer cry. In "Freezing Rain" we are told about the painful memories of a losing an ex lover and the wishes that one has to destroy the pain inside. "The Winters in New York" sounds like a mixture between the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Modest Mouse. It features another excellent guitar solo. "The Cold Has Killed Us" is the weakest song on the album. Featuring a rather bland chorus it is an actually a surprise to hear such an unoriginal song on such a good album. Thankfully the final track "Tenterhooks" is amazing and any doubts you had are now swept away. It's an excellent finish to an excellent album.

I can't stress how good this album is. It is one of the most original, innovative and inspiring albums this reviewer has ever heard. In fact it looks as though this decade may belong to the Hurricane Bells. Put simply - amazing.


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