I Am The Pilot
"Crashing Into Consciousness"

(Broken English Records 2007)I Am The Pilot - Crashing Into Consciousness

While the introduction to I Am The Pilot's debut full-length is barely over thirty seconds long, its atmospheric sounds evoke in the mind a creative range of explanations of the space noise. It would be easy to ignore the track, say it has nothing to do with the rest of the band's debut full-length, "Crashing Into Consciousness." But the short throwaway track, with its weightlessness, its echoing and its reverberations, offers the slightest hints in terms of foreshadowing what the screamo Poughkeepsie, New York, quintet have in store.

Guitars dominate throughout "Crashing Into Consciousness," leading the charge with biting riffs and echoing squeaking chords, but always amidst a barrage of buzzing instrumentation. The hard sound pushes and shoves fiercely like a mosh pit on "Gone Too Far" while guitars lend fluidity to "Ninety-Five." For "Rescue," the grittier edge offers a more real sound which the band alternates between a pounding chorus and a rhythmic verse. Despite the soaring and pounding songs, I Am The Pilot weave melodic vocals into most of the songs, blending the voices together gently and delivering them in the round. This softer side seems to come out the most on "Waiting Takes A Lifetime," as singer Chad Gannon tenderly professes to his love, "I know nothing about perfection but I am certain that I am the one."

I Am The Pilot offer little in the way of invention or creation, aside from blending smooth vocal harmonies into their crashing tunes. Although the band is not lacking in maturity or experience, "Crashing Into Consciousness" does not exactly exemplify it, either, with their straightforward approach.


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