"Make Another World"

(Sanctuary Records 2007)Idlewild - Make Another World

After their recent foray into a big, stadium rock sound that was meticulously produced on "The Remote Part," Idlewild have returned, at least in part, to their roots. While they may not be adopting the aggression and chaos of their earliest songs, this matured version of Idlewild on "Make Another World" puts together some of the band's strongest aspects for a sound that can be clearly identified as "the Idlewild sound." Light melodies driven by singer Roddy Woomble's lyrics and backed up by tight rock instrumentation, "Make Another World" is a new chapter for the Scottish musicians.

Upbeat rock melodies pour out on "In Competition For The Worst Time" and "Everything (As It Moves)," as the light melodies fuse with heavier instrumentation before the speeding rock of "If It Takes You Home" seems to burst at the seams with unstoppable energy. On "No Emotion," Idlewild put a bit of a dance beat into their rhythm for a different sound and a chorus that is unavoidably catchy. Quiet, reflective moments, the band's officially unofficial trademark, come by way of songs like title track "Make Another World" and "Future Works."

The clean cut sound that dominated "The Remote Part" still appears on "Make Another World." The reserved and melodic verses of "You And I Are Both Away" give way to loud, full rock. Idlewild seemingly put all the different parts together for the quiet but intense "Once In Your Life" as the song builds momentum with gritty, buzzing electric guitar filling the chorus.

In some ways, listening to an Idlewild album is comforting. With each album the band tweaks their sound just enough that old fans are not excluded and those unfamiliar with Idlewild can easily become fans. The band certainly is not trying to duplicate the success of "100 Broken Windows" or any of their previous albums. Whether Idlewild have changed too little or are just perfecting their sound is the real question.


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