Iggy And The Stooges
"Raw Power (Legacy Edition)"

(Sony Legacy 2010)Iggy And The Stooges - Raw Power (Legacy Edition)

If you've already got the 1997 reissue of "Raw Power" (mixed by Iggy Pop) the question becomes, do you shell out the money for the brand new Legacy Edition (the original David Bowie mix)? Or maybe you have the real old CD release with the Bowie mix on it. Do you need the new version? The answer to both those questions isn't a straightforward one.

There are no jaw-dropping moments on the Legacy Edition of "Raw Power." There are never any moments where you're blown away thinking, "Man, I never heard that before." Or, "That sounds completely different." Instead it's the little tweaks that make all the difference. It's only when you put on that previous reissue that you'll really notice the difference.

Let's get scientific about this. I did a side by side by side comparison on the same stereo of the original Bowie mix, the '97 reissue mixed by Pop and the new Legacy Edition mixed by Bowie. The '97 reissue's "Search And Destroy" came in pounding, the bass thumping and the guitars buzzing and fuzzed out. Pure rock ‘n' roll. When I swap to the Legacy Edition at the same volume it's much quieter, the bass is pulled back into the mix; it sounds cleaner, equalized and lacking some dynamics. The original Bowie CD version sounds almost exactly the same as the new Legacy Edition but there are some slight differences.

"Raw Power" as an album is a classic and the version that you have in your music collection is most likely well loved. This new Legacy Edition will no doubt divide fans. Something it includes that those others don't is "George Peaches," the band performing live in Atlanta, GA in October of 1973. The live audio is about what you'd expect for '73 and features a good helping of Pop verbally antagonizing the audience. But it's going to be a personal choice whether you go for the Bowie mix vs. the Pop mix vs. the new Bowie mix. Me, I'm sticking with my '97 Pop mix for now but it's nice to have this new one to pop on.


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