I Got A Violet

(New Model Label 2009)I Got A Violet - Backwash

Italian rock trio I Got A Violet have labeled themselves as a mix that includes ‘60s psychedelic rock, punk and garage rock. Well, maybe, if that ‘60s psych has been filtered through the alternative rock of the late ‘80s and early '90s scenes. Bands like Mudhoney, Nada Surf and others come to mind. But the artwork on the cover of I Got A Violet's debut album, "Backwash," just doesn't mesh with the band's generally fun and anything but heavy sound. It looks like the result of a bad trip or is likely to inspire one.

Simple but effective, I Got A Violet aren't pulling out any insanely technical solos or intense instrumental moments. If anything, the mixing isn't as clear as it probably could be with the vocals more often than not buried in the fuzz from the guitars. Instead, the band is likable with bouncy garage guitar riffs like the one on "Priest Pube" and the squeaky quickness on "Swing Swang." I Got A Violet drop out for a dreamy, melodic jam on Brand New Dance" while "Glitter Hairspray" is goofy ‘60s pop.

I Got a Violet aren't taking any unusual journeys here on "Backwash." It's easy to hear where the band is going and what they were going for. And while things can get jumbled from time to time and the band's ideas can lose sharpness, the enjoyment is still there because I Got A Violet are aiming for a known target. "Backwash" is a good introduction to an upbeat band. But, seriously, that disturbing album cover has got to go.


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