(Pulverised Records 2008)Impiety - Dominator

Try as I might, I cannot think of another metal band from Singapore apart from Impiety. It must be tough waving the grim, blood-soaked flag for an entire country. Maybe that's why the group's back catalogue includes over a dozen releases. Their latest, "Dominator," is a five song EP of their familiar blackened death metal. Because deathened black metal just sounds stupid.

The opening sound effects of Mongolian chanting and mounted cavalry charging into battle well suits what is to follow: aggression and speed, speed, speed. Did I mention "Dominator" is all about speed? The drumming is all triggered double kick and blast beats, propelling the EP along with blinding momentum. The chaotic riffing does its best to keep up, but seems to lag behind the tempo at times. This is offset, though, by the guitars' heft and soul-bruising ferocity. This actually works out so that Impiety comes off as a less dynamic Behemoth. In fact, the layering that the singularly-named Shyaithan occasionally throws on his rotten vomit-spewn vocals makes him sound like a dead ringer for Behemoth main dude Nergal.

There's no subtlety or variety on "Dominator," just an unfiltered pummeling until the sounds of battle return to close the EP. But seriously, if you go to a death metal band named Impiety for subtlety, there is something off with your musical barometer. This isn't a bad little set of songs, but Impiety could have been less obsessed with velocity and more mindful of variety.


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