In Fervor
"Anatomy of a Memory"

(DCXXV Recordings 2004)In Fervor - Anatomy of a Memory

Instrumentation proves a strength for In Fervor on "Anatomy of a Memory" as the band presents five tracks as versatile as they are moody. And while it might be that strength that they carry throughout the EP, the band has a few other things up their sleeves as well.

On the edge of something, In Fervor create a heavy, gloomy rock sound on "Hammer Song" that is darkly melodic. Quick and catchy, "18 Ager" is a total switch from the prior track, calling to mind Jimmy Eat World and adding some depth and relative lightness to what first appeared to be a rather serious EP. Guitar does anything but rest on "Map The Sketch Plan" as intricate melodies drive the intense and steady song before using an overly simple set of chords to lead the riff rocking "Wheels To Turn." "Mandolin" snowballs from quietly intense to a smooth and dark rock song fit for the mid 90s.

In Fervor instill a great deal of variety and direction into "Anatomy of a Memory." But with solid instrumentation and ideas, the band is able to make things happen on "Anatomy of a Memory."


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