(Some Records 2005)Innaway - Innaway

Once Innaway get into their groove, there is no turning back. The band's self-titled debut flows effortlessly from one song to the next with ethereal instrumentals and soft vocals that bring to mind Pink Floyd. Varied from track to track, Innaway remain tethered to their core sound, never straying too far from their unhurried melodies.

Guitar wails a slow melody on "Threat Hawk" as it buzzes with Pink Floyd energy and attitude. Fuller instrumentation, led by heavy, aggressive guitar riffs, takes over on "The Strings of North Egg" where once had been a light and lush melody before, again, cutting through the smooth harmonies of "Rise" with a ringing tone. "Tiny Brains" taps on your skull ever so gently as it swirls around in its spacey atmosphere while the instrumental "Fall" leads with pounding percussion over distant guitar feedback before it reaches a climax. Static pulses on "Golden" and "Follow Moon," the latter with a spacey, mellow sound and quivering vocals that lead into the aptly titled "Post FM," which extends "Follow Moon" in a more rhythmic manner. When Innaway do abandon their long jam songs for a more traditional rock song structure, such as on the upbeat "Stolen Days" and the memorable lightness of "George Walker on Water," the result is just as strong.

Rarely do Innaway beg your attention with loud music or cheap tricks; instead they command your attention with their carefully crafted songs. Perhaps the most notable thing about Innaway's self-titled debut is that the music is divided quite clearly into two parts: vocals and the instrumentation. Were the vocals removed, "Innaway" would offer a different take on the same music and let the soft psychedelic drone sink in and marinate your brain.


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