(Goodfellow Records 2006)Intronaut - Void

After previewing their music to fans in early 2006 with their EP "Null," Intronaut have respectably returned to finish what they started. The band's debut full-length release, the wittily titled "Void," is a deliberate and unrestrained metal album. Intronaut compel listeners with their engaging and strong instrumentation as they keep you on your toes.

Slow and heavy quickly turns into a speeding attack on "A Monolithic Vulgarity" as the song bounces back and forth between the two near extremes. Cutting guitar riffs dominate on the speeding "Gleamer" before "Fault Lines" eases in with a spacey, atmospheric sound that builds up momentum along the way. Almost with a light jazz feel, "Nostalgic Echo" opens with a note of anticipation before Intronaut abandon the melodic interlude and charge full steam ahead. Similarly, guitar leads the thundering assault on "Teledildonics" before making way for a cymbal filled segment while on the somewhat stripped down portions of "Iceblocks" bass and percussion set the tone before the action returns. The instrumentation of "Rise to Midden" churns and grinds steadily as "Void" comes to a close.

Where some metal bands might lead you on a nonstop audio assault, using volume and aggression to get their point across, Intronaut are more subtle. The band is constantly changing the dynamics without coming across as forced or unnatural. It those layers of sounds that make "Void" forceful and clearly mark Intronaut as a band to watch.


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