"Autumn Fallin'"

(Blue Note Records 2008)Jaymay - Autumn Fallin\'

The debut album from New York singer-songwriter Jaymay is a soft, understated one that hints at folk but it might be more appropriately considered lo-fi indie. Jaymay, the pseudonym of Jamie Seerman, keeps things minimal throughout "Autumn Fallin'" and lets her vocals be the real focus with thoughtful lyrics and strong melodies.

Jaymay seems the most effective when avoiding the obviously catchy melodies. "Sea Green, See Blue" floats easily over a gentle melody and hummed chorus as it sneaks up on you with a casual confidence and strength. Elsewhere, airy music with the tone of a carnival carousel sends "You'd Rather Run" spinning as Jaymay's lyrics continually address a mix of disinterest and distaste for an old flame and his new love. Similarly, with soft chimes echoing throughout "You Are The Only One I Love," the song offers a simple innocence while invoking a music box melody. "Hard To Say" provides a refreshing change of pace with an upbeat '20s jazz sound that surges with energy and charisma as she cheekily scats away, filling in for the missing horns.

Jaymay introduces herself on "Autumn Fallin'" as a spirited singer-songwriter who has a few things that she would like to get off her chest. The album's gentle melodies surpass being merely "just folk" and instead move toward something else, with deceptively full and lush music that always opt for the less is more approach. Jaymay's "Autumn Fallin'" is likable and effortless while still offering a little something for everyone.


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